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Security man duties

Arab Fire, Safety & Security Academy introduces security man duties program that is a qualifying program .

Who should take this program ?

Junior security officers who want to be professional .

The program objectives:

Enhancing security officer’s knowledge using security equipment and security services .

Practicing basic security officer duties.

Developing security officer’s skills of dealing with emergency situations .

 Program type : qualifying .

Program duration : 10 weeks .



Professional security man

Arab Fire, Safety & Security academy introduces professional security man program that is a qualifying program .

Who should take this program ?

Personnel in the industrial security in different industrial , administrative and service facilities .

The program objectives:

Raising efficiency of security officers to confront those who breach regulations and security laws .

Implementing inspection of individuals and cars without problems.

Information gathering ,accidents investigation and preview accident site.

Field  security survey of facilities and identify security weaknesses for strenthening them.

Set security plans to cope with emergencies, disasters, evacuation and sheltering plans.

Program type : qualifying.

Program duration : 12 week .


Confront threats planning

Arab Fire, Safety & Security academy introduces Confront  threats planning program that is a qualifying program . 

Who should take this program ?

Managers and heads of security and safety  shifts in the industrial, service, commercial facilities.

The program objectives:

Confronting random threats and organized hostile threats .

Recognizing types and effects of bombs and explosives.

Gaining the ability to detect bombs and explosives.

Knowing the control methods and domination to prevent the infiltration of these materials to the facility and the methods of prevention from crossing  security barriers.

Carrying out the evacuation operations of endangered sites and sites that contain unusual objects .

Program type : qualifying.

Program duration : 10 week .


Hand portable fire extinguishers

Arab Fire Safety & Security academy introduces Hand portable fire extinguishers program. That is an advanced firefighting program and designed for :

Personnel that work in safety, fire-fighting and industrial security .

Who works in awareness and stores .

Personnel in industrial facilities, commercial facilities, hotels and banks .

The program objectives :

Developing the skilsl of selecting the hand-held extinguishers according to materials ,correct usage  , checking and maintaining .

Program type : advanced.

Program duration : 10 days .

Fire safety teams

Arab Fire , Safety & Security academy introduces  Fire safety team program . It is a developmental program in fire-fighting and is for :

Firefighters in facilities .

Personnel in different functional and professional levels in different work sites within  industrial, service, commercial and administrative institutions.

The program objectives:

Developing the skills of  fire safety teams  using developed scientific techniques to protect the  facilities from the fire risks.

Program duration : 10 days .

Program type : developmental.

Fire protection coordinator

Arab Fire Safety & Security academy introduces Fire protection coordinator program . It  is development program and is for :

Fire safety coordinator in the industrial, commercial, service and residential institutions.

The program aims at:

Prepare qualified and  specialized coordinators  to monitor and follow the application of fire safety requirements . Also coordinate with civil defense units for the continuity of safety .

Program type : developmental .

Program duration : 4 weeks .

Fire safety team R

Arab Fire Safety & Security academy introduces Fire safety team  R program. It is a developmental  firefighting program and is for :

Those interested in fire safety in factories and industrial , commercial and service  companies .

The program objectives:

Developing and improving the skills of fire safety teams within facilities to protect facilities from fire accidents.

Program type : developmental .

Duration : 3 days.

Fire Safety watcher

Arab Fire Safety & Security academy introduces Fire Safety watcher program which an developmental program in firefighting . This program is for :

Everyone seeks  to achieve  fire safety in factories , companies , offices, and schools in the daily work and journeys .

The program aims :

Discovering the reasons of the fire and remove them . Also fight simple fires using hand-held extinguishers.

Program type : developmental .

Duration: 1 day.

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Accreditation

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Accreditation

AFSSAC is accredited and recognized training institute by ICAO. And was listed in ICAO training report as

ICAO Training Report Directory Listings



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Arab Fire & Safety Academy (AFSSAC) is approved and accredited training academy, located in Saudi Arabia since 1984 and approved by ICAO as recognized training provider. AFSSAC is accredited IFSAC member for both degree and certificate assembly. AFSSAC provides the training of specialized courses in fire-fighting and safety which are accredited in Saudi Arabia by TVTC and internationally accredited from IFSAC. AFSSAC has an excellent facilities for fire-fighting training and safety courses.

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Your Saftey Is Our Goal

Visit of International Civil Defense Organization

On the 7th April 2015 the academy hosted International Civil Defense Organization delegation . The delegation was headed by secretary-general of International Civil Defense Organization , Dr. Vladimir Kuvshinov. And for the part of academy , it was headed by , counselor Rashad Saqr head of the academy delegation . This visit was within strategic twinning and partnership agreement signed between the academy and the ICDO for awareness and culture of poor countries concerning safety and fire-fighting training .