Banking security planning course

Arab Fire, Safety & Security academy introduce to you Banking security planning course . This course is an advanced course in security and this course is intended for :

All personnel in the field of banking security in the  administrative various facilities specially the  personnel in the leadership levels and the branches of the planning and organization.

The course aims :

Gain the ability to  study risks that threaten the security and safety of facilities.

The ability to make field security survey and identify risks and analyze it.

Prepare a plan to cope with emergency situations.

The course type : advanced .

The course duration: 2 weeks.

Banking security elements course

Arab Fire, Safety & Security academy introduce to you Banking security elements course . This is an advanced course and this course is intended for :

All personnel in the field of administrative security in banks as well as those who are preparing themselves to work in this field.

The course aims :

An overview of the origins and evolution of the security in the administrative and financial  facilities in the world and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

Studying  the engineering methods and technical fortifications that must be taken into account in the design of the facility .

Raise the efficiency of personnel so they are able to educate all employees of the facility to comply with rules and security regulations .

Studying the main rules and regulatory efforts that organize the security department .

Training on the latest preventive security devices and equipment .

Course Type : advanced .

Course duration : 2 weeks .



Security arrangements

Arab Fire, Safety & Security academy introduce to Security  arrangements program . This Security  arrangements  is a developmental program  and The Security arrangements program is intended for :

All personnel in security departments and officials from the application of regulatory methods that ensure securing and  saving of security protection .

The program aims :

Recognize the information that should be available to the security department .

Recognize the regulations and laws governing the works of the Security.

Show the importance of types all employees because of their important role in providing security within the facility .

Realize the importance of the human element and method chosen and prepared .

Recognize the functional duties for the various positions for security department .

Program type: developmental .

Program duration : 2 week.



Security protection standards course

Arab Fire, Safety & Security academy introduces Security protection standards program that is a qualifying program .

Who should take this program ?

Those who work in the field of security in different facilities.

The program objectives:

1. Identifying genesis and evolution of private security in the world .

2. Recognizing the security protection standards of the facilities .

3. Gaining the ability to understand the engineering and organizational methods and use them .

4. Training on the latest security appliances and security equipment .

5. Determining the responsibilities and tasks of the Security department for facility protection .

Program type : qualifying.

Program duration : 10 week .

Professional security investigator

Arab Fire Safety & Security academy introduces professional security investigator which is a qualifying program in security .

Who should take this program ?

Personnel in the various facilities who are assigned to private and public technical investigations and security  managers of these companies, institutions ,government entities and private organizations.

The program objectives:

Realizing the importance of investigation, search ways and techniques .

The ability to determine investigator targets.

Recognizing the investigator’s most important attributes,  required skills and assistants .

Recognizing how to  investigate fire , plane and traffic incidents .

Training on how to investigate issues of organized crimes .

Program type: qualifying .

Program duration: 24 weeks .

Principles of security

Arab Fire Safety & Security Academy introduces Principles of security that is a qualifying program .

Who should takde this program ?

Security personnel in different industrial facilities.

The program objectives:

Realizing security improtance and risks that threaten security .
Highlighting the importance of appearance , method and behavior of dealing with others .

Acquiring the skills and learning basic duties of security officer.

Self satisfaction of safety and its fields .

Recognizing fire types, firefighting materials and how to use extinguishers of various types .

Program type: qualifying.

Program duration : 6 weeks .