Green building technology

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Green buildings from a mixture of concrete and foam, resulting in a light weight for concrete with high resistance to fire an energy-saving as it is a good buffer for the heat which is underusedDetection Mayor of Jeddah, Dr. Hani Abu Ras: The application of green building project in Jeddah will achieve financial savings of around 10 billion riyals until the year 2030 and thus can be applied to green building project of reducing carbon by more than 5 million tons, it also involves promising opportunities in field reduce the consumption of electricity, water and works to provide jobs and reduce the incidence of disease and death caused by indoor air quality and also work on improving the livelihood of a large number of the population and raise the level of productivity and thereby achieve economic benefits important in the medium and long term.
  He added that the Secretariat draws the actual towards spreading the culture of green buildings, where the secretariat has prepared a strategy to promote the dissemination of the culture of green buildings, notably the definition of Secretariat officials green buildings and through the organization of seminars and forums to publicize them, with the participation of the Council of Saudi Green Building and attend some seminars and conferences relating to those buildings, and held a workshop for the development of clean with a house global experience in the field of education, and increase the expertise of leaders to contribute to ease global warming by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon and methane, in addition to the pursuit of a study means and incentives application systems, sustainable architecture (green building) in the city of Jeddah and methods of evaluation, and Saudization standard LED George, and work evaluation system excellence in environmental design and water conservation and Taqh.kma Secretariat has launched several studies in this area aims to spread the culture and awareness of the importance of these applications and discuss the possibility and ways to implement
He added that the Secretariat is seeking to have a so-called village green to be a role model, and the study of the allocation of licenses green buildings, in addition to the three economic feasibility studies, the first to use alternative energy for street lighting, tunnels, and the second to create a solar plant to encourage the private sector, and the third to invest stations, central cooling , and to make the city of Jeddah, a leader in the green Cities Secretariat will study and registration of CDM projects and the preparation of data to explore the views of interested about green building legislation.
The adoption of green building project in the Kingdom will turn to global cities, where green is the environmental dimension in the application of these projects essence of this shift in the framework of an ambitious vision and a comprehensive strategy aimed at achieving sustainable development. Dr. Hani Abu Ras on the importance of holding a forum infrastructure and its impact on the environment under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, also praised the efforts of the successful efforts of His Royal Highness Prince Turki bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz, President of Saudi Environment Society in order to gather experts and interested Manlv around the world to discuss environmental issues and discussion of instilling a culture of green buildings in the infrastructure that will be held in the Saudi cities, in addition to addressing the issues of global warming to solar cars, electronic and nitrogen and orientation to energy alternatives and fuel for the transition to power the fans or wind turbines and wind tunnel and solar energy, and the issuance of regulations, laws and guidelines specification urges to switch to green building or eco-friendly, and all that is possible to get rid of increasing the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
    And accept Secretary Jeddah draws the world to transform the urban cities to green indicating that the American Council for Green Building, which took the lead in the areas of energy conservation and green building standard specifications, under the name of Walid LEED. Began required to obtain a certificate from the Board before the construction of any buildings multiple roles within the specifications affecting more than 70 elements and building material and the start of disposal systems or reduced to the age of the building and the quality of the material and the type of insulating glass and insulating materials, and make sure the hills ductwork and wiring and provide lighting products which does not give rise to raise the temperature like Sabbaths Lite to get comfortable indoor atmosphere and the lowest cost of energy.
  He called Abu Ras to adopt a green building project in Saudi cities that are part of the package a variety of integrated tools in order to convert these cities to global cities green where the environmental dimension in the application of these projects essence of this shift in the framework of an ambitious vision and a comprehensive strategy aimed at achieving sustainable development.
  He was Mayor of Jeddah at the end of his speech expressed the hope that touches forum infrastructure to the objectives and policies and indicators of green cities, and sustainable management of land issues, energy, water and waste.

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