Smoke & Fire Dampers

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Written by  Last update: May 9, 2017

Smoke & Fire Dampers

Smoke dampers and fire dampers are installed within ventilation ducts to control the spread of smoke and/or flames in the event of a fire; ducting would otherwise be an easy route for dangerous gases to quickly reach new parts of a building.

Smoke dampers have recently entered public attention after several English schools and hospitals came under the spotlight in a safety probe following a Channel 4 News investigation which highlighted fire damper safety concerns. Smoke dampers or fire dampers are part of a building’s fabric that are inherently ‘not on show’ and often difficult to access, leading to issues where dampers are left without proper regular testing and maintenance.

These challenges call for specialist intervention, which is why we would always recommend you appoint a dedicated smoke control maintenance firm to oversee their service and refurbishment. Brakel Airvent has a dedicated team of fire and smoke damper maintenance experts on hand to take on management of your building’s smoke control system, no matter its size or complexity.


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