The first industrial specialized consulting center licensed in safety systems, fire protection and industrial security in the kingdom, leading activity for all governmental and private organizations, industrial companies and institutions in more than 25 years inside and outside the Kingdom, especially the GCC countries and others.
-Certified by the kingdom legal authorization such as:-

The Ministry of Interior

The High Authority for Industrial Security

The Ministry of Trade and Industry

The General Directorate of Civil Defense.

-We comply with the international and national safety systems such as:-
Global System for Fire NFC.
Global System for Fire Protection NFPA.
The Saudi regime and the Gulf.
Global System for Occupational Safety and Health OSHA.
The British system for safety and loss prevention LPCB.
Global electricity System NEC.
-We use all types of modern technology to calculate and inspect all types of fire preventing systems, electronic and mechanical engineering designing and operating   to all security, fire preventions and safety systems.
-We have all types of measuring instruments for all environmental hazards such as
High-risk materials
Toxic gases
Flammable or harmful material
The work environment example noise ratio…