Program Student Learning Outcomes

A.A.S Fire Science Technology Degree
Program Student Learning Outcomes

1- Perform fire suppression tasks:

  1. Define offensive operations versus defensive operations.
  2. Attack an interior structure fire.
  3. Operate hose lines

2-Perform fire prevention tasks:

  1. Identify elements of fire safety education programs covering stop, drop, and roll; exit drills in the buildings; and installation and maintenance of smoke alarms.
  2. Recognize hazards during a fire safety survey of a residential occupancy.
  3. Perform engine company inspection.

3-Perform hazardous materials control tasks:

  1. Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) used for hazardous materials incidents.
  2. Identify the purpose, advantages, and limitations of structure firefighting, high temperature, chemical, liquid flash, and vapor – protective clothing.
  3. Identify respiratory protection in hazard materials incident.

4- Provide emergency care:

  1. Define how the delivery of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) fits into the mission of the fire department.
  2. Distinguish between basic life support and advanced life support.
  3. Differentiate a combination EMS system from a fire department EMS system

5- Communicate effectively:

  1. Receive emergency calls.
  2. Define fire department radio communication.
  3. Use radio codes.

6- Practice safety in the performance of all tasks.
7- Demonstrate the importance of communication, human relation, professionalism and technical skills in achieving operational results in organizations.

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