Fire Safety Coordinator program

Arab Fire, Safety & Security Academy offers Fire Safety Coordinator program that is a developmental program in safety science .

Who should take this program ?

Fire Safety Coordinators who work in public service, commercial, industrial and residential facilities.

Program objectives :

Preparing well qualified Fire Safety Coordinator for monitoring and following the applying of fire safety requirements as well as continuous coordinating with civil defense units for accomplishing continuous safety .

Duration : 4 weeks.

Program type: developmental .

Construction sites safety

 Arab Fire, Safety & Security Academy introduces Construction sites safety program that is a developmental program . 

Who should take this program ?

Structure engineers and the  project designs officials .

Personnel work in municipality and construction .

Safety and firefighting officials within construction sites .

Technical inspection officials within constructions sites.

The program objectives:

Developing the skills of the personnel in construction sites to secure construction operations according to Saudi Building Code and international OSHA code to avoid accidents and injuries.

Program type : developmental .

Program duration : 5 days.


Security man duties

Arab Fire, Safety & Security Academy introduces security man duties program that is a qualifying program .

Who should take this program ?

Junior security officers who want to be professional .

The program objectives:

Enhancing security officer’s knowledge using security equipment and security services .

Practicing basic security officer duties.

Developing security officer’s skills of dealing with emergency situations .

 Program type : qualifying .

Program duration : 10 weeks .



Fire safety teams

Arab Fire , Safety & Security academy introduces  Fire safety team program . It is a developmental program in fire-fighting and is for :

Firefighters in facilities .

Personnel in different functional and professional levels in different work sites within  industrial, service, commercial and administrative institutions.

The program objectives:

Developing the skills of  fire safety teams  using developed scientific techniques to protect the  facilities from the fire risks.

Program duration : 10 days .

Program type : developmental.

Fire protection coordinator

Arab Fire Safety & Security academy introduces Fire protection coordinator program . It  is development program and is for :

Fire safety coordinator in the industrial, commercial, service and residential institutions.

The program aims at:

Prepare qualified and  specialized coordinators  to monitor and follow the application of fire safety requirements . Also coordinate with civil defense units for the continuity of safety .

Program type : developmental .

Program duration : 4 weeks .

Fire safety team R

Arab Fire Safety & Security academy introduces Fire safety team  R program. It is a developmental  firefighting program and is for :

Those interested in fire safety in factories and industrial , commercial and service  companies .

The program objectives:

Developing and improving the skills of fire safety teams within facilities to protect facilities from fire accidents.

Program type : developmental .

Duration : 3 days.

Fire Safety watcher

Arab Fire Safety & Security academy introduces Fire Safety watcher program which an developmental program in firefighting . This program is for :

Everyone seeks  to achieve  fire safety in factories , companies , offices, and schools in the daily work and journeys .

The program aims :

Discovering the reasons of the fire and remove them . Also fight simple fires using hand-held extinguishers.

Program type : developmental .

Duration: 1 day.

Fire inspector II

Arab Fire Safety & Security academy introduces Fire inspector II program which is a qualifying  program in firefighting:

The program is for:
Engineers of consultant offices specialized in designing and supervising buildings .

Heads and supervisors in the departments of safety in industrial and petroleum institutions .

Heads and supervisors in the various financial , commercial and administrative activities .
The program Objectives:
Qualifying specialized cadres able to design, monitor and inspect institutions of its various types for applying safety and fire protection according to local and international standards .

Duration :  6 weeks .


Rescue Technician II course

Arab Fire Safety and Security Academy introduce to you rescue technician II course.

This program is an essential course which intended for :

All specialists in rescue field

The first responders which respond to the incidents which need fast interfere and rescue within the confined areas.

personnel that responsible for providing the urgent medical services (EMS).

The course aims:

Qualify rescue teams specialized in rescue processes according to international standards OSHA,29CR1910.146 & NFPA1670,1006

The course duration: 6 weeks