Fire development Programs

Fire development Programss
Course No Course Title Duration Prerequisite Skill sheets
610 Application of emergency & evacuation plans 5 days Click Here
220 Driver/operator pumper*** 12 days Fire Fighter I OR NFPA 1081 Click Here
225 Fire officer I* 12 days Fire Fighter II & Fire Instructor I Click Here
218 Fire Officer II** 5 days Fire Officer I Click Here
231 Fire service Instructor I**** 12 days Click Here
240 Fire service Instructor II***** 12 days Fire Instructor I Click Here
236 Public safety telecommunications I 4 weeks Click Here
246 Public safety telecommunications II 2 weeks Public Safety Telecommunicator I Click Here
133 Hazardous materials/awareness 10 days Click Here
134 Hazardous materials/operations 10 days Hazardous Material Awareness Click Here
148 Hazardous materials/Technician 3 weeks Hazardous Material Operations Click Here
Hazardous materials/Mission specific Click Here
201P Fire Safety watcher 1 day Click Here
"–" Plan examiner I Click Here
202 Fire risks & fighting 12 days Click Here
204 Fire suppression systems 12 days Click Here
206 Fire detection& alarm systems 12 days Click Here
249 Command fire-fighting operations 12 days Click Here
207M Specialized in Safety 4 weeks Click Here
250 Life Safety NFPA 101 2 weeks Click Here
201DS Refresher course for a safety team member 3 days Click Here
221 Preplanning In Industrial Facilities 2 weeks Click Here
251 Fire Alarm and Signaling Code NFPA72 10 days Click Here
252 Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems (NFPA 13) 10 days Click Here
205 Hand portable fire extinguishers 10 days Click Here
242 Rope Technical Rescue III 2 weeks Click Here
239 Confined Space Technical Rescue IV 2 weeks Click Here
229 Vehicle & Machinery Technical Rescue V 2 weeks Click Here


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