[table caption=”Fire development Programs” width=”100%” colwidth=”5|55|15|20|5″ colalign=”center|left|center|left|right”]
No[attr th=”true”],Course Title[attr th=”true”],Duration,Prerequisite,Skill sheets
133,Hazardous materials/awareness(NFPA 472),10 days,,Click Here
134,Hazardous materials/operations(NFPA 472)
,10 days,Hazardous Material Awareness,Click Here
”   “,- Hazardous Materials Operations Core (NFPA 472) ,”  “,,
”   “,- Hazardous Materials Mission Specific PPE (NFPA 472) ,”  “,,
”   “,- Hazardous Materials Mission Specific PC (NFPA 472) ,”  “,,
148,Hazardous materials/Technician (NFPA 472) ,3 weeks,Hazardous Material Operations,Click Here
201P,Fire Safety watcher,1 day,,Click Here
,Refresher course for a safety team member,3 days,,Click Here
202,Fire risks & fighting,12 days,,Click Here
204,Fire suppression systems,12 days,,Click Here
205,Hand portable fire extinguishers, 10 days,,Click Here
206,Fire detection& alarm systems ,12 days,,Click Here
207M,Specialized in Safety, 4 weeks,,Click Here
218,Fire Officer II** (NFPA 1021),5 days,Fire Officer I         (NFPA 1021),Click Here
220,Driver/operator pumper***          (NFPA 1002),12 days,Fire Fighter I         (NFPA 1001) OR NFPA (1081),Click Here
221,Preplanning In Industrial Facilities, 2 weeks,,Click Here
225,Fire officer I* (NFPA 1021),12 days,Fire Fighter II         (NFPA 1001) &           Fire Instructor I         (NFPA 1001),Click Here
229,Vehicle & Machinery Technical Rescue V (NFPA 1006), 2 weeks,,Click Here
231,Fire service Instructor I****          (NFPA 1041),12 days,,Click Here
236,Public safety telecommunications I (NFPA 1061),4 weeks,,Click Here
239,Confined Space Technical Rescue IV (NFPA 1006), 2 weeks,,Click Here
240,Fire service Instructor II***** (NFPA 1041),12 days,Fire Instructor I         (NFPA 1031),Click Here
242, Rope Technical Rescue III          (NFPA 1006), 2 weeks,,Click Here
246,Public safety telecommunications II (NFPA 1061), 2 weeks,Public Safety Telecommunicator I       (NFPA 1061),Click Here
249,Command fire-fighting operations,12 days,,Click Here
250,Life Safety (NFPA 101), 2 weeks,,Click Here
251, Fire Alarm and Signaling Code (NFPA 72), 10 days,,Click Here
252,Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems (NFPA 13),10 days,,Click Here
610,Application of emergency & evacuation plans,5 days,,Click Here
“–“,Plan examiner I , “–“,,Click Here