Hazardous materials /operations level course

Arab Fire, Safety & Security academy introduces Hazardous materials/operations level program that is an advanced program in firefighting .

Who should take this program ?

Personnel of safety teams and fire-fighting teams whose work requires interfere in hazardous materials incidents .

Heads and supervisors of fire-fighting teams who work within chemical companies , petroleum, petrochemical and oil refiners .

The program objectives :

Acquiring special skills to confront hazardous materials incidents, controlling them and clean incidents  remains .

Interim objectives (detailed):
1-Identifying the international health requirements and safety measures for workers in the field of countering hazardous material incidents.
2-Identifying physical and chemical properties of hazardous materials.
3-Identify and finding out hazardous materials through international signs and symbols for hazardous materials.
4-Identifying risks associated with hazardous material incidents.
5-Specifying the appropriate personal protective equipment for the kind of hazardous materials accident.
6-Command and control hazardous material incidents and safety of workers in facing the incident.
7-Making tactical methods to control hazardous material incidents.
8-Implementing strategic plans for all hazardous materials incidents categories from first to the ninth class.
9-Removing the impact of pollutants of hazardous material incidents, clearing the accident place and the affected areas.
The main axes of the program:
• Overview of hazardous materials.
• Methods of detecting the leak of hazardous materials.
• The risks associated with hazardous material incidents.
• Appropriate personal protective equipment for responding to hazardous material incidents.
• Command and control.
• Priorities of the tactics and strategies to control the incident.
• The incident control strategies.
• Examples of hazardous materials.
• Removing hazardous materials pollution in the incident place and the affected places.
Terms of joining the program:
1. Educational level: General secondary Certificate and its equivalent.
2. Basic Requirements: Access to hazardous materials (awareness) program.
3. General Requirements: physically fit and healthy.
* Duration of the program: two weeks (10 days) – Five days a week – 60 training session (40% theoretical 60% practical).
* Training language: –Arabic in addition to English slang terms.
* Place of training: – Arab Fire, Safety and Security Academy in Jeddah.
* Accreditation: –
– Each trainee passes the course, gets a certificate from the Arab Fire, Safety and Security Academy, locally approved by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and internationally approved by the World Congress of Safety and Fire Services IFSAC.

Program type : advanced .

Program duration : 10 days .