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The comprehensive security man preparation*

The Course is intended for:

All personnel in security field ,and all those who are wanted to be qualified again from those who work in security administration to do security guard’s duties in industrial , commercial , bank , and service establishments with the newest advanced electronic styles, techniques and preparations.

Course type : essential .

Course duration : 12 week .

Principles of security

Arab Fire Safety & Security Academy introduces Principles of security that is a qualifying program .

Who should takde this program ?

Security personnel in different industrial facilities.

The program objectives:

Realizing security improtance and risks that threaten security .
Highlighting the importance of appearance , method and behavior of dealing with others .

Acquiring the skills and learning basic duties of security officer.

Self satisfaction of safety and its fields .

Recognizing fire types, firefighting materials and how to use extinguishers of various types .

Program type: qualifying.

Program duration : 6 weeks .

Professional Certified Investigator ( PCI) (302)

The Course is intended for: 

All those whose duty is to conduct investigation upon the occurrence of an accident, i.e. supervisor’s line managers and foreman as well as safety officers

The Course Aims:

Trainees will get skilled with the basic principles and techniques of extraction information and to take necessary steps to prevent re-occurrence of similar accidents.

Partnership agreement between AFSSAC and international organization civil protection and civil defense

AFSSAC signed a memorandum of understanding for strategic partnership agreement with the international organization civil protection and civil defense represented by Sfra Alta rescue and emergency medicine center . According to this agreement , the academy provides consulting and training services in firefighting , rescue, safety and  relief for the member countries by international organization civil protection and civil defense . fYKpGo3i

Know your result online

Know you can find your result online through Arab fire, safety and security academy .To Know your result just follow these steps :
First, enter the identification number
Second, click on the search button so you can see the result for identification number that you entered before
Third , the result will appear so you can see it very easily
Note : the rest button is used for clear wrong or previous information
With best wishes that you are always succeed.

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