Arab academy offers Ships and Harbour fires course

Arab academy offers Ships and Harbour fires program. It is one of  qualifying programs from arab academy in firefighting .

Who should take this program ?

  1. Firefighters work in fighting fires of ships and marine bases

The program objectives:

  1. Preparing national cadres to general and comprehensive response to marine firefighting according to the  international organization for life safety in the sea and NFPA 1005.

* Specific objectives of the program:

 After completion of this program, the trainee will be efficiently able to: –

  1. Identify and study marine environment, seaports sidewalks and ground acquired into the sea.
  2. Identify port services and types of naval ships and shipbuilding.
  3. Identify compositional structure of these marine boats (firefighting- rescue).
  4. Identify the attributes and characteristics of marine agreements and treaties.
  5. Identify types of manual fire extinguishers.
  6. Study the desired control plan applied when there is a fire inside the ship.
  7. Achieve fire prevention that affects the structure of naval vessels.
  8. Identify the documents of ports authority and the different systems and
  9. Understand all the information about the ship, its crew and its capabilities in case of emergency.

The main axes of the program: –

  1. Definition of the marine environment.
  2. Jetties types.
  3. Identify risks according to the quay type.
  4. Drawings and maps.
  5. Weather effects, wind and tides.
  6. The risk of fire operations in the marine environment.
  7. Safety requirements for a maritime firefighter.
  8. Navy ships, components and types.
  9. Fire protection means in marine vessels.
  10. Control Plan in ships fires.
  11. Emergency response agencies.
  12. Hazardous materials and awareness of them.
  13. First aid inside the ships.

Terms of joining the program:

  1. Educational level: General secondary Certificate and its equivalent.
  2. Basic Requirements: Obtaining hazardous materials awareness program.
  3. General Requirements: physically fit and healthy.

* Arab academy Accreditation for this program : –

Each trainee passes the course, gets a certificate from the Arab Fire, Safety and Security Academy locally approved by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and internationally approved by the World Congress of Safety and Fire Services IFSAC.

More Information:

Duration of the program: a month and a half – five days a week -180 training hours (40% theoretical 60% practical).

* Training language: – Arabic in addition to English slang terms.
* Place of training: – Arab Academy in Jeddah.

Program type : qualifying