Fire extinguisher technician course from AFSSAC

fire extinguisher technician course
Written by  Last update: March 22, 2016

ِArab Fire, Safety & Security Academy offers fire extinguisher technician course that is a qualifying program .

Who should take this fire extinguisher technician course ?

Those who want to specialize as a technician of refilling and maintaining extinguishers, in companies and institutions of fire and safety.

The program objectives :

Acquiring inspection, maintenance and refilling skills of manual and wheeled fire extinguishers of different types and sizes.

Interim goals (detailed) for the program: –
After completion a cycle of this program, the trainee will be able to: –

  1. Identify the causes of fires and the factors that lead to their occurrence and how to secure.
  2. Identify the different types of fires and the symbol of each of them and the most suitable materials for each type of fire.
  3. Recognize the importance of manual and wheeled fire extinguishers.
  4. Identify the types of manual and wheeled fire extinguishers, the characteristics of each type and the distinctive labels.
  5. Choose the types and sizes of manual and wheeled fire extinguishers to suit the place and its contents.
  6. Proper use of manual and wheeled fire extinguishers.
  7. Proper technical distribution of manual and wheeled fire extinguishers in accordance with international systems.
  8. Inspect manual and wheeled fire extinguishers.
  9. Identify the steps of maintaining manual and wheeled fire extinguishers according to NFPA10.
  10. Inspect parts of the fire extinguisher according to NFPA10.
  11. Do hydrostatic test for the fire extinguishers as required by the standard specifications.
  12. Identify steps of refilling the manual and wheeled extinguishers.

The main axes of this fire extinguisher technician course :

  1.   Fire classification.
  2.   Early suppression manual and wheeled extinguishers (types-selection-
    distribution – methods of use).
  3.  Components of manual and wheeled extinguishers.
  4.  Various fire materials.
  5.  Extinguishers sizes and fire capacity according to NFPA10.
  6.  Inspection requirements of manual extinguisher:-
    1.  Internal and external apparent inspection.
    2. – Compressive inspection.
  7.  Maintenance of manual extinguishers.
  8.  Refilling manual extinguishers.
  9.  Fire extinguishers record.

Terms of joining the program:

  1. Educational level: Prep and vocational training institutes and their equivalents.
  2. Basic Requirements: obtaining one of the advanced courses in firefighting.
  3. General Requirements: physically fit and healthy.

Accreditation: –

– Each trainee passes the course, gets a certificate from the Arab Fire, Safety and Security Academy locally approved by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and internationally approved by the World Congress of Safety and Fire Services IFSAC.

More information :

* Duration of the program: two months – five days a week -240 training session (40% theoretical 60% practical).
* Training language: – Arabic in addition to English slang terms.
* Place of training: – Arab Fire, Safety and Security Academy in Jeddah.

Duration: 8 weeks


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