Fire investigator training course offered by Arab Academy

AFSSAC offers fire investigator training course represented in Fire investigator program that is a qaulifying program in fire science.

Who should take this fire investigator training course ?

Those who work in the field of investigation in fire, safety and industrial security department.

The program objectives :

Qualifying national cadres specialized in the technical investigation of the fire incidents in general.

Interim goals (detailed):
At the end of this program, the trainee will be able to: –

    1. first of all, Identify the importance of the technical investigation in the fire accidents.
    2. The ability to identify qualities of fire investigator.
    3. Having the ability to identify the information and studies required by the investigator.
    4. Realizing the key factors for the ignition.
    5. Identify combustion properties of different materials.
    6. Understanding heat sources and methods of transmission.
    7. Knowing the main causes of fires and identify the causes of arson.
    8. Identify procedures and methods of gathering information.
    9. Identify the importance of physical evidence in the technical investigation.
    10. Observe and inspect the place of the accident.
    11. Raise the skills to cross-examine witnesses and workers in the accident site.
    12. Study the pattern or types of the combustion model.
    13. Identify the technical tools needed for an investigator to conduct the examination, inspection and collect samples from the scene.
    14. Know the reasons and the risk of platforms shipping fire and means of insurance.
    15. Finally, increase skills in writing records and technical reports.


The main axes of the program:

  1.  First of all, fire chemistry.
  2. Information and studies required by the investigator.
  3. The main causes of fires.
  4. Gathering information.
  5. Methods used to determine the start of the ignition and directions of the
    fire spread.
  6. Chemical and physical analysis of the fire remains.
  7. General rules for the success of the investigation.
  8. Finally, writing reports.

* Terms joining the program:

  1.  Educational level: General secondary Certificate and its equivalent.
  2. Basic requirements: Obtaining hazardous materials – awareness.
  3.  General Requirements: physically fit and healthy.

* Accreditation: –

–  Each trainee passes the course gets a certificate from the Arab Fire, Safety and Security Academy locally approved by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and internationally approved by the World Congress of Safety and Fire Services IFSAC.

More information :-

* Training language: – Arabic in addition to English slang terms.
* Place of training: – Arab Fire, Safety and Security Academy in Jeddah.

* Duration of the program: a month and a half – five days a week -180 training sessions (40% theoretical 60% practical).

Duration: 6 weeks.